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For Sale Equipment - SMT - PCB Clean

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TTC ID Manufacturer Model Description Vintage QTY Product
* M9BoaTATCD38848 TAISEI CLEAN CHEMICAL TC-UC-107 Board Cleaner 1997 1 LED unit board implementation
* M9BoaTESMD36117 TEKNEK SMCM20300 Board Cleaner 2004 2 M size board
* M9BoaTESMD37178 TEKNEK SMCM20300 Board Cleaner Inq. 2 M size board
M9PCBInInV39476 Inq. Inq. PCB Separator and Dust catcher 2004 1
* M9UltUlCAS39241 Ultrasonic CA-231 Ultrasonic Clean 2004 1
* M9UltUlCMD37172 Ultrasonic CM-230 Ultrasonic Clean Inq. 1 PC board