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For Sale Equipment: 12inch-Coat_Develop

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TTC ID Manufacturer Model Description Vintage QTY Product
3COAasm-mir-4347 ASM MIR3000 Coat/Developer 12in. 2012 7
3COAtel-act-4309 TEL ACT12 Coat/Developer 12in. 2008 1
3COAtel-act-4310 TEL ACT12 Coat/Developer 12in. 2006 1
3COAtel-lit-4335 TEL LITHIUS Coat/Developer 12in. 2007 18
3COAtel-lit-4337 TEL LITHIUS Coat/Developer 12in. 2006 1
3COAtel-lit-A2900 TEL Lithius I Coat/Develop Inq. 1
* 3COAtel-lit-P2082 TEL Lithius i Coat and Develop Inq. 1